Thank you! <3

What excites me more about this whole blogging thing I have revived is meeting new awesome people. I really feel like it’s such an amazing thing to connect with different people, different cultures, written works, articles, writing styles and so on! It’s just like a vast space and the possibilities are endless! Before I write about the things I have prepared for blogging topics and before I post the articles I have written over the last 2 months, I’d like to say a few of the things I am starting to enjoy.

As what I said, I love how I get to connect with people who write about stuff! Good stuff! Seriously. It’s really overwhelming how amazing these people are, how friendly and how they are enthusiastic enough to take time and read what I have written so far! It’s sort of a nice welcome ya know *wink wink*.

This blogging thing now is seriously fun to do, not because I dream of being a famous writer/blogger but the whole experience excites me! I am still learning and a lot has changed with the blogging world as far as I am concerned. Long gone are the “blog hopping” and “tag” on chat boxes!

I am very far from what other people have gone through with blogging but I am enjoying baby steps and fun times ‘round people friendly enough to approach me. OH MY GOD YOU GUYS, A SIMPLE LIKE AND A QUICK COMMENT REALLY BRINGS A HUGE SMILE ON MY FACE. SERIOUSLY.

Gahhhhh. This is making me so happy and a lot of people are inspiring me to write more right now, especially that I have met awesome people here.

THANK YOU SO MUCH and in Filipino, “Maraming Salamat” *meheheh*


9 thoughts on “Thank you! <3

    • Hi! I feel like it’s also very challenging but with people like you, who take time to let me know what they think? It’s pretty inspiring! I really love how you took the time and commented. I am looking forward to checking out your blog as well 🙂 💕


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