Interests and whatnot

I have been doing a lot of things for almost 12 months  now and I don’t know exactly if this is the stage of my life wherein I wanna try everything and see if that’s something I want to do for the rest of my life. I’ve tried several hobbies which then faded in the background as soon as something more important comes up. It is a bit frustrating looking back at how I was but now I can just thank myself for trying whatever I felt like trying—and I’m not even scared to do so! Also, Kyx have been supporting me and even surprising me with whatever stuff I have interest on for a period of time.

I’ve been itching about this thought for a couple of weeks now and I can finally say it out loud (or over the internet) wait, before I start about my new found hobby, let me give you a couple of my hobbies and the hobbies I tried and grew fond of but were mostly shoved on the background.

First, writing. This one I never stopped loving. Although most of my works are perhaps too personal or overly work related, I still squeeze some poetry with short stories as much as I can. However, if I am left too busy with work, I just try writing but end up not posting it on my blog. BUMMER!

Second, planning/using and designing my planner. After leaving my job of 2 years, I started pouring my time with decorating my planner. I’ve watched videos and did a couple of DIY stuff for my planner. I even bough a lot of planner and craft supply just to be able to fulfil my decorating skills. Soon as I worked for a company again, I left my planner undecorated.

Well, I love reading and I am very passionate about it. When I say passionate, it means I love investing on books and reading them just makes me feel really happy about everything in my life. I will never grow tired nor ever give up reading.

Now, I am thinking of painting. I have never been a good painter. I just love arts and crafts. Doodles and abstract work. Whenever I see good artists, I am always left in awe and amazement. I can never be as good as them and I accepted that for the longest time. I never saw this coming but I ended up with a (great) artist! As all of you may have known, Kyx is really good at his craft—digital art. I can never be good as he is and I am not even close to 1 fourth of his goodness, so I have never thought of painting digitally. As time went by, I missed my doodling. Hey, I don’t really doodle that much. I just sort of use my pens and other art stuff for nothing important. AT ALL. Then I saw a painting over the internet. It looks so simple, so amazing. Then I felt a jolt of hope. I CAN DO THAT TOO! I said. With a silent prayer of course. I know that as simple as it looks, it is but hard to create an intricate watercolour painting. So here I am with a new set of art stuff—watercolor, sketchpad and brushes!

Let me give it a try and then I’ll give you guys an update of how it went. Let’s hope I’ll stay artsy and last forever than leaving my art stuff at the back of the bookshelf again. Hmm


Have you tried being so interested with a lot of things all at the same time? How was it? I’d love to hear from you guys! 😀


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