Hi guys! Since I’ve put this new baby blog up, I have been both excited and stressed out about it. Jumping from my ever reliable tumblr and blogger, I chose wordpress (which can be a bit frustrating since I don’t have enough extra income to actually choose premium). I cannot HTML my way out to this and cannot customize so lo and behold, I had to make do of what is available here that is free. Lels.

So aside from that little boo boo, this blog has been running for a good 2 months now and I only figured what I wanted this blog to be. I am tired of just ranting. So here, my blog shall be filled with insights and random awkward experiences that could be useful to anyone, everyone! Also, I have a few readers now so I might as well fix what I want to write here (I am still afraid of judgy eyes and critics but I shall ignore them now)

For now, I will write my interests and whatever there is that could be of help.

I will also write about watercolour, books and a bunch of realizations! So excited for this new phase of blogging!

(I have been blogging since 2004 and only now that I want it to be serious lol)

Please hit me up, let me know what’s up by commenting, emailing me or just reach out when you want to! I am very open to collabs, work, write-ups and whatnot. Also, I want to meet new people who writes about stuff! *smiles*


8 thoughts on “Heya!

  1. Yes! Ignore all of the critics☺ Have a blast and speak of whatever you want! Someone somewhere will come across it☺


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