Just a thought about Asia and EV

I never really talk about politics that much. This is not because I have no care for my country and countrymen but for reasons I have personally.

  1. I do not care much about politics. Dirty dirty politics. My family, extended families and relatives even have connections with politicians, rubbing elbows with councillors, mayors, congressmen and so on. I even have used said connections when I really really have a need for it. But I would never ever indulge because I have no interest whatsoever. Seriously. I have a ton of stuff to stress about and politics is not one of my priorities right now. (Save your lecture of patriotism and stuff like I shall practice my right of suffrage cause hun, I COULD CARE LESS. You don’t know how savage life is for some people so don’t even go with the rights and all that BULL CRAP. Also, please know I said that with a mocking sing song voice for emphasis).
  2. I have friends who are into politics, social issues whatsoever and I wouldn’t want to clash with their opinions not because that we will end up destroying our friendship but I’d rather speak to them in person, discuss this matter rather than spill out my beans for all the world to see, cause I know for one that no one would even care.
  3. I really care about my country, fellow countrymen, rules, laws etc but I would rather not join open/public discussions as I have a lot of feelings, I am very emotional and I might not be able to express myself fully on writing then I would end up crying and getting mad over stupid stuff which will only make my twitter followers suffer (I rant A LOT ON TWITTER. LIKE I HAVE NO SHAME WHATSOEVER WHEN I TWEET ABOUT STUFF) and also, Kyx would suffer and we would end up fighting or arguing over something which rooted from my anger towards political issues..I’d rather save us both from stuff like these. We argue enough about random things and once we did fight about political issues and man it wasn’t lovely. NOT AT ALL.

So those were my reasons why I just talk to my friends and not post stuff on my own because of those reasons. However, I have seen one too many interesting arguments and discussions and THIS ONE, I CANNOT LET IT PASS JUST LIKE THAT.

So sometime yesterday (or the other day I am not 100% sure when it started) but my friend Asia posted something about a girl running for office—the council specifically in San Juan. I have known Asia for as long as I can remember. She is not dumb and stupid as people say now on hate comments about what she posted. She is not one to mess with and the girl knows what she is talking about. I am sorry that her haters are picking the side of what’s really dumb (the side of who’s really dumb and stupid. Again, I apologize for my words but SERIOUSLY MAN. WTF?). They keep commenting about how Asia just wants fame and oh my god, SHE DOESN’T WANT ANY OF THAT. Also, just like everyone else, she’s just stating her opinion and if you get butthurt, then it just means it is true. I mean PEOPLE, I AM ALL FOR NOT HATING AND FLOWER POWER AND ALL THAT CRAP, BUT GOD. DON’T EVEN COMMENT ABOUT HOW SHE SPEAKS STUPIDLY ABOUT SOCIAL ISSUES AND STUFF CAUSE ARE YOU FREAKING BLIND? Asia knows what she’s talking about and I am not just siding her because she is my friend, I am talking about this matter (political as it may be) because people just say a lot of stuff and cannot even acknowledge the fact that yes, haters gon’ hate but SHE REALLY HAS A POINT. I do not know why some socialite would want to run for office, not judging a lot here but the IG feed of that person is just blah. Are you even sure you want to run for office? Like you wouldn’t be able to party anymore and oh my god showing your abs and boobs and butt and all those sexual photos? I am all for self expression and women have the right to wear whatever they want to wear, post whatever they want and be whoever they wish and hope to be. But man, if you are running for office, don’t go posting your party shit. You may just be running for councillor but, I can just plainly compare it for someone running for senator, like would you want a senatorial candidate to post party stuff, boobs and all that work-out pictures? Ugh. Just be like a blogger slash socialite and all is good now.

I am not even from San Juan and I still cringe so bad about it. Ugh

Let’s not even discuss that I am siding with Asia cause she’s my friend. She really has this HUGE POINT SO SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY. Kthxbye! ~

I am so mad, this is why I hate political issues and arguments. Arrrrrghhhhh!!!! HAPPY MONDAY!


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