The Hunt for MY perfect shade is on.. (still on)

Ultra Matte by Colourpop ; Shade: LAX

Hi guys! How are you all doing?

Today, I will make a review about the Ultra Matte Colourpop that I bought from my friend. The shade I chose was “LAX”.

Even before the brown or Kylie Jenner brown shades were a hit, I adored brown/nude shades already. I was hunting for the perfect shade but since I am the OC person that I am, I can’t find what I really like so I end up blending my lippies to achieve the shade I want. Ehen my friend announced that she will be taking orders for Colourpop and she will get it from the States pa, I researched the different shades they offer. I am the brown or purple shade kind of girl so I was feeling adventurous that day I think that’s why I chose “LAX”.

Fast forward to when my Colourpop arrived.

After our work, Kyx and I picked my lippies from my friend’s house. It was late na and I know Colourpop’s reputation. It will stay on for hours and hours so I kept it agad para I wouldn’t be tempted to try and put it on.

The morning after, I tried it and I think I dabbed too much and the shade was super kaduper goth dark levels na talaga. GRABE. I was panicking and palpitating because Kyx might get sooo mad at me if he sees me wear this shade. After a few hit and miss, I kinda learned to just dab a little and then spread it real quick all over my lips—carefully enough not to make kalat all over my mouth area cause it’s super dark, a missed spot would be super obvious. Tapos you really have to spread it quickly because it dries faster than other brands.

I would love to post photos pero I am super shy about this. Nevertheless, I loved the shade. It’s perfect for a night out (problem is—I don’t do night outs anymore) also, perfect for night trips whatever. It wouldn’t suit a day job very well so I had to play it with some brown blends to make it look appropriate for an office workday. I love how it stays long, the consistency is good but not the best of bests, I think it dries my lips out a bit unlike other brands. I like how quick it dries though. I mean it’s hard but it’s good in some ways cause you don’t have to wait for a long time before you can confidently say that it’s dry na.

I’m giving Colourpop a 7/10. I like it but didn’t love it as much as I thought. I like it better compared to other brands.

Also this is not a paid post or an advertisement of some sort. I’m only doing it for my own enthusiasm.


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