Self-Help books! Woop!

I usually would write a ton of personal blog stuff that I just save for my own enthusiasm. Not that I’m shy and all but I feel like I rant a lot and nobody really wants to listen to what I have to say. Things changed when I found a new found friend (and her blog is sooo helpful) and I came to realize that this isn’t about patronizing, this is just getting it all out and the bonus is gaining friends or helping your readers feel that they are not alone in something.

Today’s post is about the book I bought last Friday (Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff Omnibus Version). It was a wee bit expensive than normal but I feel like self-help books are great investment. I have like 5 different YA books that I’ve been wanting to buy since 2015 but then, I chose to buy this because I think (and feel) that I actually need it.

I’ve been stressing over turning a year older and I have been trying to bury that thought for a little while. Not until April 1 came and the next thing I know, it’s almost my birthday! Goodness!! You’ll never know this feeling not until you’re about to turn 25 (or you’re 25, or you’re 26 etc.) I mean seriouslyyyyy man, it’s not even cute. Like when I was just about to turn 22, I was all “gahhh I’m getting ooold” in a pacute way pa, but now? OH MY GOD. It’s not even cute na talaga. Plus your responsibilities are harder than everrrr. (Now I think I have to write something about the not cute things when you’re 25) lololol.

Sooo.. Going back to my new book.. It consists of different situations in life. It gives pieces of advice on how to handle simple and complex stuff! You see why this is helpful? I stress a lot over things I can and can’t control. I burden myself with “problems” that I continue to make even if there shouldn’t be any problems in the first place. I am a huge worrier and I overthink EVERYTHING until I realized how I am turning 25 and how I should try to live a healthy normal life physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I figured this book would be amazing help for me. I’m only on Chapter 15 and so far, so good. I’d write more about this book soon as I finish like my work articles.

Good night!

Xox, Thea


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