Hurrah for a new baby (this blog)!

I am so thrilled to have finally made a new blog! I was so stuck in my blogger and tumblr that I got scared to start a new one.

Well anyway, don’t judge my writing skills because I really try hard to be a good writer and when you work as a copywriter, some of your creative juices get sucked up and you’re left with random creativity borderline rants.. so I will try to be as informative and objective as I can (I promise).

Also, it’s about time to give blogging another try. This time, better. I know.. I know.. I have been blogging since xanga and blogspot but never informative just passion. I was inspired by a blogger to write more about life and get it out there! woohoo!

I also have a problem with ending what I write so let me try to finish this with.. uhm.. k. I’m awkward and all, bye!

P.S. I will be posting some of my recent posts from tumblr :3


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