For today’s realization: Women really overthink.


I’d like to say that most of the time, I try to not overthink and pour my time on simple (and stupid) stuff but for the most part, I really do over-think.

I have a lot of experiences about this but the most recent one happened today. I didn’t even realize sooner that I over-think stuff. It’s really annoying because I didn’t notice it like it’s normal? (please stop judging me mehh hahaha)

Here’s what happened (and I only realized it now)

After the Holy Week break, my boyfriend and I dreaded Monday and it’s really annoying. It’s baffling and we were too lazy to even function (we didn’t have any choice so off to work we go).

He was driving and unlike his “chill” calm state, he is irritable and TSKs like every minute,. The whole 45min drive. I usually tell him to stop but that time I gave him a break. I was thinking well he probably just hates Monday so let’s just shut up.

Tuesday came and he’s the same. We were both so stressed because we had to run errands before going to the office and the traffic was really bad so our office day haven’t really started but we were already exhausted. That feeling.

Then Wednesday (today). He is in such a bad mood that I was so smiley and he was all “I’m not feeling this day blahhh” plastered on his face. I muster up courage and used a tone that sounds like I don’t want to argue but I just want to let you know what I think. Lels. So I joked and (I am currently thinking of what I joked but I forgot what it was so…) and he just half laughed and I was like “you don’t laugh at my jokes and you look like you’re sad, what’s wrong” and he said uneasily but eyes smiling “eh ang corny kasi eh”. HAHAHAHHAHAHAH. What a relief!

I was actually thinking of: he’s pissed at something or he’s tired or he doesn’t want to talk about it but then again it’s just as plain as my joke wasn’t funny enough to deserve a good laugh. Hah!

My takeaway on this: I shall stop overthinking like wtf. I overthink small stuff and create stupid ideas in my head.  So if you’re someone who overthinks on a daily basis, it must be healthy to just calm down and accept things as it is. Not everything has an agonizing meaning to it (at least not what we would create in our heads right?) When you learn to accept things as it is, you’d be back to your normal (not-overthinking-self) and it’s a good feeling you probably forgot about.


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