To Get You Through 25 (26, 27 and so on)

Exactly a week from now before I turn 25. Some of you maybe 25 already, about to turn 25, or even 26 now or whatever.. the point is, you try to be stuck but growing up and getting old is inevitable. I have read numerous “tita” articles, self-help books, stuff about how to battle with the quarter life crisis (and everything is super helpful) however, I still want to add some stuff or even get some hugots from my personal life dilemmas and experiences.

When I was younger, as soon as March comes, I would look closely at our calendar and count the friggin days ‘til the 7th of April cause I know, even if I wouldn’t have a big birthday bash (I loathe birthdays since I was a kid so don’t judge me) I still get excited. My mom would make it a point to get a yummy cake and cook pasta or order Pancit Malabon from Dolor’s (it’s our little tradition. Everyone gets a cake and some pasta/pancit on their birthday). Anyway, when I turned 18, I knew somehow that I should stop aging (as I always say, I hate birthdays but this time, not in a pacute way anymore) I knew that I don’t want to get a year older anymore but my brothers insist that life hasn’t even started yet and mama said that the best is yet to come. So I accepted birthdays after that (but not looking forward to it AT ALL).

Now that I am about to turn 25, I figured that I am being forced by the universe to officially “adult” my way through life. The number of responsibilities and obligations just increase AND IT NEVER ENDS THERE. Until such time that I just accept everything and even act on it without anyone telling me (go me! Woo!) So here’s a list of things that you might just need.

  1. Everyone feels the same thing as you do one way or another

Yep. Everyone. Maybe they just handle it well or you’re not looking at it intently. One thing I’m sure of is that no matter what struggles you have right now, everyone is struggling just the same! You are not alone on this and it kinda helps to know that everyone else is in the same boat as you and that you will all get through this even if #TheStruggleIsReal *wink wink*

  1. Responsibilities are inevitable (and even helpful!)

Yes, adulating is harder than we all thought. A 90’s baby is wonderful and it’s such a great pride for me to say that “I am a 90s baby” but if you are born in 1991, you are going to turn 25 (or you’re already 25 now) which means you have a buttload of responsibilities you didn’t even choose in the first place. From having children to trying to help out (financially) in the household, paying bills, paying for your own meals and everything you want and need. Yes. You work not only for yourself now but for the people who are important for you. It is important that by this time you are trying your very best to be responsible because, duh, that’s what adults should be right? Like really responsible. It helps your well-being, character and even your future! (Go you responsible adult! Woo!)

  1. No pressure, take everything slowly.

We get so stressed out about everything and trust me, not everything is worth it. I mean when you stress about career, relationship, family pressures, just freaking go with it. Like you don’t need to be right in everything. Not everything is a competition and if you get pressured deep inside then you must stop. Your friends might be climbing up the ladder of their career successes but you’ll really get there too ya know. Your cousins or childhood friends might be travelling the world already and here you are, working your butt off with so little pay but you know what? That’s okay. You get to hear it a lot but THAT IS REALLY OKAY. I can’t speak for everyone but I realized that it’s okay and it’s going to be okay if not okay right now. Lels.

I wanna write more about this but in a nutshell, you’re going through a lot and you must know that everyone else are fighting the same battles. Some might really struggle so bad, some might not show it, some might pretend to not struggle at all and some just handles it well.. Overall, everyone is in the same crisis as you and I will say it again, it pays to know that you are not alone. It’s a relief to know that you are not some over-thinking psychopath and it’s just normal to struggle especially now that you are going to fully adult your way through every freaking waking day of your life.

It’s also fun to be an adult you know. You have money (but you pay your bills, so you end up with little money hahahah) but at least you have that sense of pride that hey, your parents have raised you well enough that you can stand in your own two feet with no or little help from super kaduper adults or from your parents right? It’s sorta fulfilling to know that hey, you have a job and that you can pay for stuff now and that you can help your family and friends when they need you. So maybe, you may not have everything that you have hope for just yet but you’ll soon get everything. You just have to be patient with yourself.. and believe it!

(Now I don’t feel so scared anymore. Yayy!) I hope you’re not too terrified anymore too cause, YOU GOT THIS! *WINK WINK*


For today’s realization: Women really overthink.


I’d like to say that most of the time, I try to not overthink and pour my time on simple (and stupid) stuff but for the most part, I really do over-think.

I have a lot of experiences about this but the most recent one happened today. I didn’t even realize sooner that I over-think stuff. It’s really annoying because I didn’t notice it like it’s normal? (please stop judging me mehh hahaha)

Here’s what happened (and I only realized it now)

After the Holy Week break, my boyfriend and I dreaded Monday and it’s really annoying. It’s baffling and we were too lazy to even function (we didn’t have any choice so off to work we go).

He was driving and unlike his “chill” calm state, he is irritable and TSKs like every minute,. The whole 45min drive. I usually tell him to stop but that time I gave him a break. I was thinking well he probably just hates Monday so let’s just shut up.

Tuesday came and he’s the same. We were both so stressed because we had to run errands before going to the office and the traffic was really bad so our office day haven’t really started but we were already exhausted. That feeling.

Then Wednesday (today). He is in such a bad mood that I was so smiley and he was all “I’m not feeling this day blahhh” plastered on his face. I muster up courage and used a tone that sounds like I don’t want to argue but I just want to let you know what I think. Lels. So I joked and (I am currently thinking of what I joked but I forgot what it was so…) and he just half laughed and I was like “you don’t laugh at my jokes and you look like you’re sad, what’s wrong” and he said uneasily but eyes smiling “eh ang corny kasi eh”. HAHAHAHHAHAHAH. What a relief!

I was actually thinking of: he’s pissed at something or he’s tired or he doesn’t want to talk about it but then again it’s just as plain as my joke wasn’t funny enough to deserve a good laugh. Hah!

My takeaway on this: I shall stop overthinking like wtf. I overthink small stuff and create stupid ideas in my head.  So if you’re someone who overthinks on a daily basis, it must be healthy to just calm down and accept things as it is. Not everything has an agonizing meaning to it (at least not what we would create in our heads right?) When you learn to accept things as it is, you’d be back to your normal (not-overthinking-self) and it’s a good feeling you probably forgot about.

Hurrah for a new baby (this blog)!

I am so thrilled to have finally made a new blog! I was so stuck in my blogger and tumblr that I got scared to start a new one.

Well anyway, don’t judge my writing skills because I really try hard to be a good writer and when you work as a copywriter, some of your creative juices get sucked up and you’re left with random creativity borderline rants.. so I will try to be as informative and objective as I can (I promise).

Also, it’s about time to give blogging another try. This time, better. I know.. I know.. I have been blogging since xanga and blogspot but never informative just passion. I was inspired by a blogger to write more about life and get it out there! woohoo!

I also have a problem with ending what I write so let me try to finish this with.. uhm.. k. I’m awkward and all, bye!

P.S. I will be posting some of my recent posts from tumblr :3